Mujeres Almodóvar ︎︎︎
Collage & Dessin
2020-2021 ︎︎︎ Paris

"Mujeres Almodóvar" is a personal project and tribute to the Manchego director Pedro Almodóvar and to the women who have been portrayed in his films since the beginning of his cinematic career. The project consists of a series of portraits of Almodóvar's muses (Raimunda - Penélope Cruz in Volver, 2006, Carmen Maura - Gloria in Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto, 1984, Rosy de Palma - Juana in Kika, 1994 and Marisa Paredes - Leo in La flor de mi secreto, 1995), each corresponding to a key moment in the character's development, both in terms of emotional depth and importance in the story.

Each portrait is created on a cardboard surface measuring 100 cm x 70 cm. The technique used is a mix of graphite drawing and collage. The essential features of the character, such as the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, are meticulously hand-drawn in black and white. The secondary elements of the portrait, like the hair, head silhouette, clothing, etc., are crafted using colored and flat papers, precisely cut to create a minimalist and pop art result.

The creative challenge lies in achieving the likeness and expressiveness of the character with very few elements, where the drawn parts play a fundamental role. Other aspects, such as size, perspective, and proportion of all the elements that make up the portrait, also come into play.